GTFO Game Introduces a Terrifying New Enemy Who Lurks in the Shadows

Developer and publisher 10 Chambers Collective, has revealed a new enemy for its upcoming co-op shooter GTFO. The new enemy is called the Shadow and it is barely visible to you and your team even when it stands in front of you.

The new monster was revealed during the Unity developer conference Unite Berlin, where the developer showed off a new gameplay trailer that showcases the Shadow. The Shadow is effectively what it says on the tin; it’s a shadow that runs around and attacks you and your team. What makes this enemy interesting, is that you can hardly see it thus making it harder to shoot and kill.

Simon Viklund from 10 Chambers Collective said in a statement: “GTFO has an incredibly tense atmosphere where death lurks around every corner,” 10 Chambers Collective’s Simon Viklund said. “With the Shadow enemy, death can lurk right in front of you but you can’t quite see it … It’s just one of several ways that GTFO messes with the player.”

There are two ways people can find a Shadow: one is by using light sources, whether it be your flashlight or the lighting in the environments. The second way is by using your standard motion tracker as they appear on your device, giving you a warning before they attack.

GTFO was announced at the Games Awards 2017 and was a highlight during the show. Since its reveal at the event, 10 Chambers Collective has slowly been releasing new information about the game. The upcoming title is a four-player PvE cooperative action horror first-person shooter. The game features procedurally generated gameplay scenarios through its Expedition Director.

GTFO is scheduled to release sometime in 2018. There is no word on a console version of the game as of yet but we will let you know if it happens.