GTFO Rebirth allows players to inject chemicals into their brain

The latest set of GTFO patch notes for the co-operative survival game are here, and they detail the big new Rundown 5 update – which is titled Rebirth. “Rundowns” are the names used to describe GTFO’s big updates, which can include maps, scenarios, enemies, and other features that totally revamp the gameplay. GTFO Rundown 5: Rebirth has been described by the developer as “the most extensive Rundown as of yet.” Head below to see what it’s all about, including the full GTFO Rundown 5 patch notes.

What’s new in the GTFO Rundown 5 Rebirth update?

GTFO Patch Notes

Previously the Complex where GTFO takes place has been stark, industrial, and even a little militaristic, with a very similar vibe to the upcoming four-player shooter Aliens: Fireteam. However, Rebirth adds “a more floristic touch,” as the team says, with creepy plant life and weird lighting making its way into the Complex.

One of the biggest gameplay additions is called Boosters, which are artifacts players can find in the Complex which give them access to injectibles that shoot chemicals straight into their character’s brain. These Boosters give players enhanced abilities which include improved assault rifle damage and increased hacking speed, and may give them an edge against the game’s many opponents.

Beyond that, the developer teases that previously cleared rooms may no longer be safe to backtrack through, although it’s currently keeping this new threat a secret so be prepared for a nasty surprise.

Rebirth clocks in at around 650MB, and like the rest of the game is currently only available on PC.

Full GTFO patch notes for Rundown 5 Rebirth

New Features:

  • Updated: Intro videos
  • Added: Warden Artifacts & Boosters
  • Added: Floodways Environment
  • Added: New dangers to The Complex
  • Added: Flashlight Activity Indicator
  • Added: Terminal: Expanded the AutoComplete on more possible keywords
  • Added: Terminal: New attribute for PING command [-T]. Continues to ping the item until stopped or exiting terminal
  • Added: Terminal: Distance based PING command
  • Added: Intel button to Rundown Menu
  • GUI Settings: Primary Display setting in Video Settings
  • GUI Settings: Button to reset Gameplay & HUD settings to default
  • GUI Settings: Ability to enable/disable & scale UI Components for player
  • GUI Settings: Option to enable/disable Hit & Death indicators
  • GUI Settings: Added: “Stand on jump” toggle to Gameplay Settings
  • GUI Settings: Added: Flashlight HUD indicator under Inventory

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Weapon out of ammo clicking bug (now it happens every time you try to fire)
  • Fixed: Settings Menu 0% shown consistently
  • Fixed: Laptop Terminals can now be player pinged
  • Fixed: Flashlight turning off on sentry placement or replacing consumables
  • Fixed: Bug where reload got cancelled & weapon was unusable when entering menu while reloading
  • Fixed: When starting then stopping to chat in elevator, UI now works as expected
  • Fixed: Menu sliders now use their whole range
  • Fixed: Bio-Tracker can no longer be given tool refills
  • Fixed: Bio-Tracker’s tags no long stay on screen when they should be removed
  • Fixed: Join in progress crashes
  • Fixed: Auto-Completing Objectives (Cryo bug)
  • Fixed: Normalized S1 scan speeds for 1-3 players
  • Fixed: Watermark/Server Sync not always showing
  • Fixed: Matchmaking settings now save on disk
  • Fixed: Removed delay from end of hacking minigame
  • Fixed: Sentry Accuracy Issue bug
  • Fixed: C-foam will no longer pass through steel doors
  • Fixed: C-foam tripmine now explodes instantly to apply to enemies in radius, and has a visual explosion effect
  • Fixed: Condition where some enemies would have a small percent of health leftover from some weapons
  • Fixed: Where sentries would aim for the enemies head even when it is destroyed. Sentries will now aim for the chest if the head is destroyed.
  • Fixed: Terminal bug where you could do instant PINGs
  • Fixed: Where shooters couldn’t hit you if you looked up/down
  • Fixed: Continuously shaking screen when you opened the menu after a melee hit
  • Fixed: Where mines wouldn’t do proper amount of damage in certain situations (Doors / too many enemies around)

Returning Rundown Specific Weapons

  • Machine Pistol
  • Burst Rifle
  • HEL Gun
  • HEL Rifle
  • Machine Gun – TechMan Arbalist V

Added Rundown 005 Specific Weapons

  • Heavy SMG
  • Double Tap Rifle

Removed Rundown 004 Specific Weapons

  • HEL Revolver
  • Auto pistol
  • Carbine
  • Heavy Assault Rifle
  • Choke mod shotgun
  • Machine Gun – TechMan Veruta XII
  • Burst Cannon

Weapon Tweaks & Balancing

  • Pistol:
    • Slightly increased staggering effect
  • Machine Pistol:
    • Increased body shot damage
    • Slightly lowered ammo capacity
    • Slightly smaller hip fire spread
  • DMR
    • Increased body shot damage
    • Increased fire rate
    • Reduced hipfire spread, and adjusted hipfire aim circle to fit bullet spread
  • Burst Rifle (Rundown Specific)
    • Increased clip size
  • Shotgun Semi
  • Slightly increased ammo capacity
    • Slightly increased range effectiveness
    • One shots chargers
  • Combat Shotgun (Rundown Specific)
    • Slightly increased staggering effect
    • Increased body shot damage
  • Revolver
    • Slightly reduced ammo capacity
  • Sniper
    • Increased clip size
    • Slightly increased ammo capacity
    • Increased delay between shots
    • Reduced hipfire spread, and adjusted hipfire aim circle to fit bullet spread
  • Hel Gun
    • Slightly shorter charge up time
    • Increased ammo capacity
    • Increased over-penetration
    • Increased body-shot damage
    • Adjusted hipfire aim circle to fit bullet spread
  • Hel Rifle
    • Faster reload
    • Increased damage
    • Increased body-shot damage
    • Increased clip size
    • Increased over-penetration
    • Increased ammo capacity
    • Adjusted hipfire aim circle to fit bullet spread
  • Machine Gun – TechMan Arbalist V
    • Increased fire rate
  • Mine Deployer
    • Reduced max capacity from 10 to 8

UI Polish

  • Added hover effect when mouse cursor is over a weapon or booster slot
  • Menu Bar selection will now light up
  • Improved the Weapon Selection UI
  • Renamed “Exit Lobby” to “Exit Expedition” and “Return to lobby” to “Retire To Lobby” buttons in the menu bar
  • Renamed “Objectives” page to “Objectives and Boosters”
  • Increased blood on screen when the player is downed