Thrones of Britannia Allegiance Free Update Adds New Religion/Culture Mechanic and More

It certainly looks like Creative Assembly is working hard to provide post-launch support for many of its Total War titles. Total War Saga Thrones of Britannia was the first in the franchise to be released under the new “Saga” banner, which features smaller titles focusing on more specific points of history instead of entire eras. Some players have complained of the game lacking content and whole gameplay mechanics which are usually present in mainline Total War titles. That’s going to change starting with the new Thrones of Britannia Allegiance free update, which will return a much-beloved franchise feature to the game.

Miss the religion/culture mechanic from Total War Attila and Total War Rome 2? Creative Assembly has heard our grievances and revealed that the Thrones of Britannia Allegiance update will introduce the new Allegiance feature. It will function similar to those earlier religion/culture mechanics, but it has been renamed to suit the period and design of Thrones of Britannia. All playable factions will have their own Allegiances, such as English Kingdoms and more. Public order will be heavily affected by Allegiances, just like in previous games.

Other highlights of the Thrones of Britannia Allegiance update includes the new Pagan Kings effect. This will only affect non-Christian factions like Dyflin and Sudreyar, granting players bonuses to unit replenishment rate and unit morale. These factions will have to choose whether to stay pagan or convert to Christianity as they conquer more regions with churches. Each choice will come with different positive and negative effects.

There are tons more improvements and bug fixes in the new Allegiance update. Check out the full list of fixes and improvements in the patch notes included in the official blog post. Keep in mind that it is currently in Open Beta, so users will need to manually download it by opting into the Allegiance Update themselves. In other related news, the new Total War Rome 2 Ancestral Update is also currently available in Open Beta.