Overwatch League Grand Finals Offers in-Game Sprays and Double Token Drops

Ever since it was announced the Overwatch League has featured heavily on Twitch, whether that be due to in-team drama or fast, exciting games is entirely up to the viewer. Nonetheless, the Overwatch League grand finals is here to step up its game by presenting some new tie-in Twitch bonuses for all their League viewers out there. This time they’ll not only be offering double token drops, but unique, in-game sprays that are unlocked after watching the grand finals.

Tie-in Twitch bonuses are a pretty neat feature that rewards viewers for their time, offering up the incentive to keep watching the live matches. The double token drops are particularly interesting as the random 100 token drops will continue to work as normal, however the usual trickle of tokens that happen throughout live matches will be doubled. Anything to save up and get those sweet Shangai Dragons skins, right?

But the best part and, in our opinion, the main reason to watch the Overwatch League Grand Finals is the four exclusive sprays that you’ll be rewarded. After all, who doesn’t want four awesome sprays to show off to their friends?

You can have a look at the goodies below:

Overwatch League Finals

The sprays are titled:

  • Match’s On! – Hanzo, Zarya, Sombra, and McCree.
  • Watchparty: Gibraltar – Emily, Tracer, Winston, and Mei.
  • #1 Fan – D.VA
  • Living Room – Brigitte, Reinhardt, Torbjorn, and Bastion.

Match’s On and Watchparty: Gibraltar can be earned on Friday, whereas #1 Fan and Living Room will be able to be unlocked on Saturday. Of course, you can’t just watch a few minutes of the final and then click off, expecting to earn the sprays. Thankfully Blizzard has explained just how much you’ll need to watch to earn certain sprays.

  • Watch 1.5 total hours on Friday, July 27 to unlock Match’s On!
  • Watch 3 total hours on Friday, July 27 to unlock Watchparty: Gibraltar
  • Watch 1.5 total hours on Saturday, July 28 to unlock #1 Fan
  • Watch 3 total hours on Saturday, July 28 to unlock Living Room

Do you think you’ll be able to earn all four, and if so, which are your favorite sprays and why? Let us know in the comments below.