No Man’s Sky Will Get Live Service With No Microtransactions

No Man’s Sky is getting its NEXT update this week, which will be adding full multiplayer and a graphics overhaul, but the game will also introduce a live service of smaller weekly updates. What’s key here is that Hello Games is saying that the live service will have no No Man’s Sky microtransactions.

Specifically, Hello Games wants to implement a live service where they will add smaller updates to the game after it adds its big new one next week. These updates will include events that will allow players to work as a community towards a common goal. From this, players will receive a secondary currency they can use to purchase various items. These include new emotes, customization parts, and one-day ships and vehicles. Rather than a dull activity, Hello Games wants to make these events about exploring the galaxy as a community.  Sean Murray has also emphasized that “this is not a loot box thing, it’s not a microtransaction thing, it’s 100% free.” (via IGN) On top of this, Murray wants to reassure fans that these weekly updates will not replace major content updates.

In addition to the NEXT update and these future weekly updates, a new site for the game will be launched. Called Galactic Atlas, the website will display in-game events on a map of the galaxy. Additionally, it will allow players to visit specific areas without warping there in-game. The site will also add community-focused features such as recognition of hubs created by players themselves as well as leaderboards.

All of these future plans ensure No Man’s Sky is heading in a good direction. Add to that the NEXT update which adds full multiplayer and a graphical overhaul, and the game is really shaping up to be much improved.

So, what do you think? Do you want to jump back into No Man’s Sky again with all these updates? Or is it too little too late for it? Sound off in the comments below!