The Walking Dead The Final Season Demo

The Walking Dead The Final Season Gameplay Showcases First 15 Minutes

Telltale Games has unveiled the first 15 minutes of the highly-anticipated The Walking Dead The Final Season on YouTube earlier today. The first Walking Dead game by the developer was originally released over six years ago, introducing us to the character we would still be caring for half a decade later, Clementine. Her journey has not been easy for both her and the players who have joined her throughout the past three seasons.

Remember that she left the city of Richmond at the end of The Walking Dead A New Frontier to continue her search for AJ? The Walking Dead The Final Season seemingly starts with Clementine already with AJ, which she presumably discovered between the events of the previous game and the beginning of this one. Perhaps players will receive flashbacks of how Clementine discovered AJ, or maybe that’s not really important in the grand scheme of things.

Anyway, they’re both in a car heading somewhere when we see the first interactions between Clementine and an older AJ. We have no idea how many years have passed since A New Frontier. Objectives are now highlighted when we start playing. For example, after reaching their destination, words pop up stating “Find Food.” We also get to see more of the new over-the-shoulder perspective seen in the recent Comic-Con teaser.

While the game still features the same point-and-click style gameplay, players are given more freedom this time around. For the first time ever, we get to control Clementine in non-scripted combat situations against Walkers and given different buttons for different actions like B to stun or Y to kill. It also looks like we can discover collectibles like the Deer Skull in the gameplay footage, which is described as something which can be a “possible hood ornament.”

Additionally, players are also told that their choices determine what AJ will become. That doesn’t exactly bode well for Clementine. It looks like AJ will play the role that Clementine originally had in The Walking Dead: Season One, and we all know what happened to the first game’s protagonist, Lee Everett, in the end. The first episode of The Walking Dead The Final Season will be launching on August 14, 2018. Well, we won’t spoil any more of the game for players, since you can check out gameplay footage below.

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