The Walking Dead Trailer Teases the End of Clementine’s Journey

Telltale Games has released a The Walking Dead trailer for the final season, and it teases the end of Clementine’s journey. It’s only brief and we see a lot of what we’ve seen before, but this one features a lot of foreshadowing.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season will begin launching next month, and in the lead-up Telltale Games has given us another The Walking Dead trailer. It features a lot of what we’ve already seen at E3 and it’s only a teaser, but the latter half of the trailer foreshadows the end of Clementine’s journey. There’s also going to be a live gameplay demo shown at San Diego Comic Con tomorrow, with the footage going up on YouTube on July 20.

In the first half of the Walking Dead trailer, we see Clem and AJ introduced to the safe haven they discover, populated entirely by young kids. It takes a dark turn at the middle point, however, with an unknown voice saying, “Clem, you’re in danger… you and AJ both.” We’re then shown a montage of the children running from walkers, Clem wielding various weapons, and an ominous man smoking a cigar, who looks to have either heterochromia or a glass eye.

We’re going to see a few interesting changes in The Final Season, most notably a new over-the-shoulder camera style. The series mainstay of a point-and-click style of exploration has stepped aside, in what Telltale Games hopes will offer you a lot more freedom in poking around the nooks and crannies of the environment. There are also going to be non-scripted combat sequences, with button presses for different attacks – which has the potential to add a lot more tension to the game. All of this is complimented by an updated ‘Graphic Black’ art style that “rips the ink from the pages of the Eisner Award-winning comic book series,” according to Indigo Pearl.

It’s all up in the air and many are equal parts nervous and excited about the conclusion to the series that put Telltale on the map, and this trailer has definitely added to that. The first episode of The Walking Dead: The Final Season will be launching on August 14, for purchase and for all who pre-ordered the complete season.