Valve Is Attending Gamescom 2018 but What Are They Showing?

Valve, the company behind the PC gaming service Steam and developer of DOTA 2 and Half-Life has announced that it will be at Gamescom 2018. Valve doesn’t attend many shows but when it does, it sends ripples across the gaming community, so this is big news for the German gaming event.

Nobody knows exactly what Valve is showing, but it is likely that the studio will be showing off Artifact, a card game that the company announced during the DOTA 2 2017 Championship. The digital card game is scheduled to release sometime this year, so it’s possible that Valve could announce the release date at the event.

Earlier in the year, Valve’s President Gabe Newell said: “Artifact is the first of several games that are going to be coming from us.” This statement by Newell sent fans into a speculation frenzy, people were wondering what games the company is working on. As expected some people took this as confirmation that the much-wanted Half-Life 3 was in development but that is not the case. Half-Life 3 was never confirmed and hasn’t even been announced.

It is also possible that we could see In the Valley of the Gods, a game being developed by Valve-owned Campo Santo. The game was announced during The Game Awards 2017 and is a story-driven title that is set in Egypt and is set to release on PC in 2019. We don’t know a great deal about In the Valley of the Gods so it’s possible that Valve could be showing off more of the game.

This news is sure to get people speculating again about what the company could show Will we see a new Portal? Could a new Left 4 Dead be happening? Could the company reveal another update for Team Fortress 2? Or, could Valve finally announce Half-Life 3? We would say that Half-Life 3 would never happen but with Shenmue 3 and Final Fantasy VII Remake being announced, anything can happen in the gaming industry.

Gamescom runs August 21-25 in Cologne, Germany.