Surgeon Simulator Switch is Coming This Autumn

Bossa Studios has finally announced the Surgeon Simulator Switch port today. Surgeon Simulator CPR will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in Autumn, and will feature multiplayer co-op at launch.

This year, physics-fumbling operation simulation game Surgeon Simulator is celebrating its 5th birthday. To mark the occasion, developer Bossa Studios has made a Surgeon Simulator Switch port that’ll be releasing in Autumn, in the form of Surgeon Simulator CPR. It comes after a teaser trailer released earlier this month, and another full trailer will be coming soon, but until then Bossa has given us a few details.

Surgeon Simulator CPR will retain all of the absurdity of its PC and console counterparts, with haphazard operations using unconventional tools in unconventional places remaining. What makes the Switch version so intriguing is how it’ll make use of the Switch’s features – namely, motion control and HD Rumble. Removing one of the Joy-cons from your Switch at any time will give you motion control over your infamously-jittery hand in order to perform precision tasks, with the HD Rumble kicking in when you use different tools, helping bring them “to life like never before!”

You’ll also be able to get in some drop-in, drop-out co-operative action in by removing the second Joy-con and giving it to your friend which is bound to make everything that little bit more lethal entertaining. The Surgeon Simulator Switch port will also include the Alien Autopsy version of the game alongside the standard A&E version.

Surgeon Simulator took the gaming community by storm when it first came to light as the result of a game jam. Since then, it’s been played by incredibly high-profile YouTube content creators like PewDiePie and JackSepticEye. Surgeon Simulator CPR looks like a port made with care – especially considering it’s making use of the Switch’s unique features – so it should be interesting to give it a go again when it releases this Autumn.