There’s a New Sunless Skies Region Called Eleutheria

Failbetter Games has unveiled a new Sunless Skies region called Eleutheria. It’s going to be the darkest region in Sunless Skies, with the highest level of threat and the toughest enemies. Early Access has also been extended for the indie game, with a new release window in January 2019.

Sunless Skies has captivated narrative adventure game fans since its initial Early Access launch last August. The dark and Lovecraftian world continues to mystify and terrify, and today’s announcement and launch of a new region to explore, Eleutheria, is bound to only heighten the horror. Eleutheria is the darkest Sunless Skies region yet, with tougher enemies and an even more oppressive atmosphere than we’ve already seen before in the game.

In order to reach Eleutheria, you’ll have to use a transit relay in the Hybras segment. Once you fork out the 800 sovereigns to get there, you won’t be able to return by the same route. The headlight of your ship will become a crucial tool once you arrive, with different creatures becoming enraged and attacking you if you either shine it on them or turn it off. You’ll have to keep your terror level low when you enter the territory of beasts like the Sleeping Griever, as they might be able to sense you using it. With how dark Eleutheria is, it becomes a game of balance.

With this new Sunless Skies region addition, Failbetter Games also announced the pushing back of the full release window for the game. “We’ve been considering our progress, your feedback and the time we have left before launch,” they said in a blog post. “We’ve decided, to ensure the game is the standard that you expect from us, that we’re going to move the launch release to January 2019.”

Failbetter Games has said they’ve gotten better at designing the game over this year of Early Access, and want to reflect this by ensuring that Sunless Skies is the best that it can possibly be when it fully releases. If you want to see what it’s like right now, you can play it in Early Access on Steam.