Hitman 2 Competition

Hitman 2 Competition Will Allow You to Snipe Your Own Face if You Win

This Hitman 2 competition offers one of the most spectacularly weird prizes if you win: the chance for you to become one of Agent 47’s victims. Or your face anyway. That’s right, if you want the chance to officially be sniped by the one and only assassin, you’ll have to head onto Hitman Sniper Assassin and try your hand at getting yourself as number one on the leaderboard and last that way until the competition concludes.

For those who are scratching their head in confusion on what Hitman Sniper Assassin actually is, it is best described as a standalone, spin-off game from IO Interactive. The game was released on June 7th as a pre-order bonus for anyone who places an order for the upcoming Hitman 2, and now with a competition linked to the game, we don’t doubt more will give Hitman Sniper Assassin a chance to see if they can win the opportunity of a lifetime.

If you’re reading this and are interested in giving the game a try, you can have a look at the competition trailer on YouTube that we’ve included down below. The description in the trailer reads like so:

“Participants can then officially enter the contest by registering for an IOI account and playing Sniper Assassin in “solo” mode as Agent 47.” It continues, “throughout the competition period, entrants can scope out high scores via in-game leaderboards to track personal improvement or to see where they stand amongst other agents. Three top scorers, one for each respective gaming platform, will then be determined once the competition concludes on 6th November 2018.”

The Hitman 2 competition will no doubt draw more than a few new people to the game, but before you officially fall head-first into the world of Agent 47 you should check out our Hitman tag and see what else it has to offer you.

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