Antigraviator Update Adds Pure Mode, Custom Key Bindings and More

Cybernetic Walrus and Iceberg Interactive have released a new Antigraviator update that brings with it a couple of cool new features. Antigraviator now has a “Pure Mode,” as well as custom keybindings, multiple camera angles, and individual leaderboards for every game mode on every map.

Antigraviator has seen a lot of praise, especially from die-hard F-Zero fans who feel it lives up to developer Cybernetic Walrus’ goal of making a love letter the much-loved classic. After a successful launch in June, the game has been given a brand new update today that adds a number of features and fixes some bugs, all based on community feedback and suggestions. There are a few highlights of note.

First, the new “Pure Mode.” Pure Mode removes all of the traps and pickups from a race, so you get a simpler, more distilled racing experience. It also periodically gives you extra boost, so you don’t have to worry about anything else other than making those laps as quickly as is possible. You can play Pure Mode in quickplay, but you can also play it in the main campaigns, so you’re not limited to making use of the mode in short bursts.

They’ve also added custom keybindings. You’re not limited to the default keyboard and controller layouts anymore, and you can map any function to any key. This not only is great for customization and personalizing your play style, it’s also a tremendous function for accessibility: if you only have the use of one hand, for instance, mapping the controls in a more ergonomic fashion for that circumstance is a really good thing — it should be the default at this point, but you won’t hear me complaining when it gets added.

There are also multiple camera angles now, with the current second view zooming you out further to see more of the track, and a bumper view coming soon. You can also track your progress in a larger selection of leaderboards — each track has separate leaderboards for each game mode. There’s a whole host of other smaller changes with this Antigraviator update, all of which are listed in a blog post on the game’s Steam page.