Dragon Ball FighterZ Song Showcases Developers’ Dance Moves

Dragon Ball FighterZ dev Arc System Works is celebrating its 30th anniversary today and did so by releasing a J-rock theme Dragon Ball FighterZ song for the company… There’s a music video featuring all of its employees dancing to the music, lamenting deadlines, and praising their open corporate culture.

Today marks the 30th anniversary of game studio Arc System Works. They’re best known for developing the Guilty Gear series, as well as being the Dragon Ball FighterZ dev and publishing the likes of Wonder Boy: The Dragons Trap and the upcoming Kill la Kill The Game: IF. To celebrate the momentous creation, the company released a music video for a theme song, which was originally produced for the studio and features its employees dancing in sync in a field just outside the Nissan Stadium in Yokohama.

It has to be seen to be believed. It opens like an infomercial from the 90’s, complete with 4:3 aspect ratio and janky music and font, and features Arc System Works president Minoru Kidooka discussing the anniversary and the company’s roots. It then glitch-cuts into a shot of a J-rock band, featuring Guilty Gear creator Daisuke Ishiwatari on guitar, followed by spliced-together clips of the Yokohama team (including Kidooka) dancing outside of the Nissan Stadium, and various international teams singing about “open corporate culture” and “meetings over pie and coffee.”

If you ignore the somewhat “haha, isn’t it funny that we’re overworked” nature of some of the track’s lyrics, the music video for the 30th Anniversary theme song of the Dragon Ball FighterZ dev is oddly heartwarming, in its own cheesy, nigh-on unbelievable way?  Perhaps one of the highlights of the video is one employee floating through a chroma-keyed landscape in a black morph suit with devil horns and a pitchfork, promising that the studio always does its best.