NBA Live 19 Female Character Creator Trailer Features Candace Parker

EA just dropped a trailer for the NBA Live 19 female character creator, and it features Candace Parker. The WNBA superstar talks about her experience playing streetball as part of the unveiling of the NBA Live 19 create-a-player, the first one to let you create a woman in the series.

There have been a lot of games industry pundits debating whether the upcoming NBA Live 19 might be EA’s chance to reclaim the throne of the basketball video game. At least for woman gamers, this might just be the case, as for the first time in the series, there’s going to be an NBA Live 19 female character creator. In the create-a-player, you’ll be able to customize your own woman player, and EA unveiled this feature by releasing a trailer staring WNBA pro player Candace Parker.

In the trailer, Parker talks about how streetball — a less formally structured version of basketball typically played in urban courts with an importance placed on flare and style — helped her game. “[I’ve] always had basketball in my blood,” she said. “It’s just about being allowed to play and being open to it.” Streetball will feature prominently in NBA Live 19, with two different pathways in the game: The League, which will follow a circuit of the biggest basketball stadiums worldwide, and The Streets, a tour of all of the best international urban courts.

In either, you’ll be able to make NBA Live 19 female characters as part of the Create Your Squad feature. Not only is this a first for the NBA Live series, but it’s the first time we’ve been able to create and play as women basketball players in any basketball game to date. It’s a huge and necessary step forward in sports games — and the games industry in general — especially with how male-dominated both the sporting and gaming worlds tend to be when it comes to representation.