Ubisoft Bans Over 1000 Cheaters From Rainbow 6 Siege

Rainbow Six: Siege developers Ubisoft have announced that they have taken measures towards cheaters in their popular multiplayer game. In a blog post, the French developer stated that they have banned over 1,300 players that had found to be cheating since introducing measures on Monday. they specifically noted that the fix: “is rendering a large number of cheats defunct… [and that it has] also deployed a fix to prevent cheaters from planting the Defuser anywhere on the map.”

The company further details that the cheaters will be banned for 15 days, that “They will also not benefit from their illicit activities come the end of the Season”, and that they will have their rewards and rank stripped before the beginning of Season 3 of Rainbow Six Siege. They further added that this will not be the one and only fix for the game’s cheater problem as Ubisoft are working on a way to adjust “MMR gains/losses for all players in a match with a cheater” (MMR stands for Match Making Rating which determines a player’s skill level in the game).

Ubisoft also outlined their future plans for Two-Step Verification for Rainbow Six Siege in the post. The developers said that it is “continuing to make progress” on development for the tool in ranked matches for the multiplayer game, adding that it will come during Season 3 in a patch, rather than prior to it. The game has also been implementing auto-banning for players using hate-speech. Amusingly, this has been used by intrepid players to help them in their matches. These players have been goading their opponents to use hate-speech so as to get them banned from ranked matches.

What do you think though? Is this too little too late? Or is this the best course of action against cheaters? Sound off in the comments below!