Dragon Age Hard in Hightown Novel Is Now Available

Dragon Age Hard in Hightown has to be one of the most-anticipated video game books of this year, especially for the Dragon Age fans that are ready to devour any sort of content they can get to distract themselves as they wait for the fourth installment in the series. In this book, you’ll be delving deep into the heart and mind of Varric Tethras and his main character, Donnen Brennokovic and the troublesome crimes of Kirkwall City.

For those whose favorite game from the series is Dragon Age 2, this book may just be a dream come true. In an interview with Hey Poor Player, the book’s author, as well as a part of the Dragon Age writing team, Mary Kirby revealed some interesting information on what fans could expect. That information was this: there would be some similar faces returning.

“All of Varric’s friends (and also Sebastian) appear in the story. All the names are changed to protect the dwarf from the wrath of his buddies. Mostly Aveline.” Kirby said. “Some are just cameos. Others (Hawke made the cover for a reason) are major characters. Isabela is definitely in there. You should probably consider her a beta reader for the book.”

This is all well and good, but what is the book actually about? According to the blurb, the tale will tell the story of Donnen Brennokovic and a new recruit who finds a dead magister, putting them right in the middle of a shady group called the Executors and Chantry agents. And why? Because of a not-so-secret ancient artifact.

To us, the novel seems like a crime drama, making it sound like a great read even for those who aren’t fans of Dragon Age or BioWare.

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