Bioware Hints at New Mass Effect and Dragon Age Titles in Development

Gamers have been clamoring for a new Mass Effect and Dragon Age title for a while. Maybe not so for the former, as most fans would still prefer to forget that Mass Effect Andromeda ever happened, after all. Dragon Age Inquisition, meanwhile, is now four years old, and long overdue for a sequel. We have received good news from the folks at Bioware, who has hinted at some “secret stuff” in development relating to either of the two franchises.

Bioware posted a Mid-Summer Update earlier today, which generally explains what the studio has been up to. Just before the end of the post, studio representative Casey Hudson dropped an unexpected bombshell: The studio is actively developing more Mass Effect and Dragon Age content. Hudson mentions “some teams working on some secret stuff.” However, he adds that Bioware probably won’t be ready to discuss anything about both franchises anytime soon.

It’s a pretty sound decision, seeing as the studio certainly wouldn’t want attention to be diverted from its upcoming major title, Anthem. Besides the shocking development on Mass Effect and Dragon Age, Bioware also said that the Star Wars The Old Republic team is working on “new features and surprises” for the MMO, which might mean another massive expansion on the horizon.

These secret Mass Effect and Dragon Age projects could be what Anthem executive producer Mark Darrah was alluding to back in June. He said that future Bioware games could potentially be smaller in scale, which would allow the developer to create more “experimental games.” Darrah expanded on this by saying that there’s a middle ground, where a game could still have high production values but developed with a smaller scale and budget in mind. It definitely sounds like he’s referring to games like Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice, which was developed based on a similar “indie title with AAA production values” outlook.