Dragon Quest 11

Dragon Quest XI Character Trailer Introduces Party of Companions Joining Players

The popularity of the Dragon Quest franchise remains on par with Final Fantasy in Japan. However, it has always been considered a niche JRPG in international regions, especially in the West. That’s mostly due to lack of localized titles, but it’s the hope of many fans that Dragon Quest XI Echoes of An Elusive Age will break that barrier, just like Persona 5 and Monster Hunter World did for their respective franchises. Earlier today, Square Enix has released a new Dragon Quest 11 Character Trailer, showcasing the party of companions players will meet in the game.

There’s a total of six companions who will be joining players in their adventure. First up is the dashing rogue Erik, who is a thief with spiky hair. He’s described as the player’s partner-in-crime, which probably means that he’ll play the best friend role, supporting the player through thick and thin. Then there’s Veronica the “fearless young mage” and Serena the “laid-back healer.” Siliconera reported that Dragon Quest XI lead designer and writer Yuji Horii created Veronica and Serena as a set.

Up next is Sylvando, who looks to be the eccentric companion we always see in JRPGs. He’s described as the “entertainer extraordinaire” and he wears something akin to a jester’s attire. The last two companions are Jade the “noble martial artist” and Rab the “mysterious old man.” Jade seems like she’s going to be a heavy-hitter in the game, dishing out high physical damage. I’m liking Rab so far, due to the fact that he’s not based on any JRPG trope I know, granting a wildcard quality to the character.

Just like 2005’s Dragon Quest VIII Journey of the Cursed King, it’ll be amusing to listen to all the different accents the characters will be spewing in Dragon Quest XI. Meanwhile, Square Enix considered developing Dragon Quest remakes but a Dragon Quest 11 sequel would be more likely. The localized version of Dragon Quest XI Echoes of An Elusive Age will be released internationally for the PS4 and PC on September 4, 2018.

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