No Man’s Sky’s Ships Are Shooting Themselves

It seems as if No Man’s Sky is still having issues after the massive NEXT update as players are finding that their ships are being damaged when they fire their own weapons. Fans of Hello Games’ space exploration game were reporting this issue with their ships last week. Initially, the players had thought that it was effecting only ships created or bought before the NEXT update. But that was not the case.

Some players have found that it was all ships that are effected by the bug, with one Reddit user stating that they did not even have a pre-Next ship. I bought a different one (traded mine in) and now it keeps damaging itself.” Some fans also speculated it was an issue during multiplayer only and that a solution to this is to only use the most recently bought ship. However, Hello Games is aware of this oddity, with Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games, giving a statement about the issue.

“Our ships are procedurally generated, as are our weapon stats. The issue you mention affects a subset of ships that players can buy in-game, with certain weapons…It is generally only seen when multiplayer is active, and is related to network lag in these cases. The issue has been fixed by the team, is in testing, and will be released in a hotfix soon.”

It is good to hear that Hello Games are working hard already to fix this issue. No Man’s Sky has struggled with various issues from day one to its NEXT update. And with a huge influx of new and returning players, it would not be wise to greet them with more bugs and problems.

But what do you think? Do you think that this is just one small issue? Sound off in the comments below!