No Man’s Sky NEXT Update Causes Massive Spike in Playerbase

No Man’s Sky launched in 2016 to a mixture of controversy and confusion surrounding its overly ambitious marketing. Genuine mistakes and exaggerated claims made out of excitement misled some people and caused quite a ruckus, causing the team over at Hello Games to hunker down and work on getting closer to the game they had envisioned. Now, according to studio founder Sean Murray, it’s one of the most-played games on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One thanks to the No Man’s Sky NEXT update.

Murray tweeted the Steam stats earlier today. During the time of the tweet, No Man’s Sky had the sixth biggest concurrent playerbase on Steam with 51,162 players. This is just ahead of Rainbow Six Siege and Rocket League and right behind Dota 2, Counter-Strike Go, PUBG, Warframe, and Grand Theft Auto V, which is impressive given how huge those games are. Murray tweeted his thoughts with an added “prayer hands” emoji as a possible sign of thankfulness.

“Never thought we’d be here, two years later,” he said referring to the Steam numbers. “NMS is one of the most played games in the world this week on PC, PS4 and XBox [sic], each day has been bigger than the last. Presumably Joe Danger is just out of shot?”

While the Xbox One and PS4 numbers are not public, it’s not hard to believe that the PC numbers have translated over to the consoles. It just launched over on the Xbox One, meaning that there is a whole new potential audience and it’s also on sale on PSN and Steam for $30 (and $27 for PlayStation Plus subscribers). The No Man’s Sky NEXT update even prompted the game’s Steam ratings to rise from “negative” to “mixed,” and while it hasn’t been perfect, this patch has seemed to have almost completely spun the perception of this game around.

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