Vancouver to Be Home to The Gaming Stadium, Canada’s First Esports Arena

Myesports Ventures Ltd excitedly announced in a press release earlier this month that the city of Vancouver can expect the unveiling of The Gaming Stadium, a 250-spectator-strong dedicated arena for esports, sometime next year. The simply dubbed landmark will be the first of its kind in the country and plans continue to be announced publicly with an infectious air of passion. As esports sweeps North America, it’s surprising that Canada took so long to catch up, but catch up it has.

The press release declared that “the Gaming Stadium will be custom built with one goal in mind; to provide a community-driven location that is open for players of all ages and skill levels to watch and participate year-round.” Community-driven seems to be the main attraction to the exuberant pitch, with the ‘values’ that the team hope to convey listed on the project website, such as respect and integrity.

The facility, which is branded by Myesports as being ‘by gamers, for gamers’, is already welcoming applications for jobs and seeks to create a platform where businesses both large and small “looking to reach this demographic” can do so directly. This gives the opportunity to keep revenue within the community, both geographically and demographically, and suggests a bright future for Vancouver’s gaming scene.

No further specifics have been made on the date we can expect The Gaming Stadium to open its doors. Myesports continues to update the official website, however, and a render of the stadium’s layout has been released. As well as spectator seating and over 40 set-ups for players to go head-to-head, the stadium will also feature a broadcast facility, eateries and a casual area for non-competitive meetups.  “We are going to be the Little League, Junior League, and Major League home of all things esports in Vancouver,” says COO Matthew Low.