League of Legends Drops gives you loot for watching LoL esports

If you’re a fan of LoL esports, you’re about to get more than just a good show — League of Legends Drops are debuting on Riot Games’ homegrown esports platform. This new system is somewhat similar to Twitch drops, but it also has a few special differences .

Kicking things off, Drops will begin to start during the third week of the 2020 Summer Split for both the LCS and LEC. Fans from all regions will be eligible to collect a wide variety of in-game rewards.

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What are the League of Legends Drops?

  • Skin shards
  • Chromas
  • Prestige points
  • Clash tickets

While this new system for giving viewers loot might seem similar to the Twitch Drops system, it actually has some intriguing differences. Twitch Drops are often distributed randomly or after a certain amount of time has passed, but the Drops in League of Legends are going to be working a little bit differently.

League of Legends Drops LoL Esports chest

Simply put, you’ll earn League of Legends Drops when certain events happening during the LoL esports competitions that are going to be giving out digital rewards. Here are some of the examples given in the article that explains the Drops system:

  • Baron steals
  • Pentakills
  • A series going to the final game

To receive these Drops, you’re going to have to be logged-in to watch.lolesports.com and watching qualifying competitions via that website. And just so it’s abundantly clear, this is not Twitch Drops; this is a brand-new system that will only work on the League of Legends esports website.

The developers also take care to mention that this is the first attempt at running this program via the LoL esports website. There’s always the chance for problems, which is exactly why this is going to be a test limited to only a few esports events for the game. If everything runs smoothly, they’ll be more than happy to expand this Drops system to future League of Legends esports events — and perhaps they might make it work in more interesting ways, too.