WWE 2K19 First Screenshot Released

WWE 2K19‘s release is coming closer and close and today is the first time we’ve seen anything of the game itself. Current WWE Champion AJ Styles tweeted the first screenshot of the game today, after a tease yesterday from the official WWE 2K19 Twitter account. He added that since he is the cover star for the game, he has “dibs” over giving us the first look at the game.

In the screenshot, we can see the current champion, with WWE championship adorned, on the edge of the Smackdown Live! ring, presumably ready to fight. The screenshot does suggest, however, that 2K19 is running on the same engine as the previous year’s game. Both WWE 2K18 and WWE 2K19 look remarkably similar. But only time will tell how different 2K19 will be from the previous year’s entry since not much has been announced beyond some extra modes and special editions of the game.

Styles really does seem like the star of the game considering his prominence in the game beyond being on the cover. In addition to being the superstar focused on the box art, Styles himself will have an exclusive mode dedicated to him. In the mode, players can fight their way to get the honor of not only playing against AJ Styles in the flesh on WWE 2K19, but also the chance to win a million dollars.

Unfortunately, WWE fans will not be able to play the game on the go as it will not be receiving a Nintendo Switch release. WWE 2K18 came to the Switch a few months after the console versions in late 2017. It was criticized for its poor performance, bugs, and downgraded visuals. Post-release patches addressed some of those concerns, but still left the game in a disappointing, weak state. 2K Sports’ meandering statement implies that WWE 2K18‘s lackluster Switch port has at least stalled any chance of the series showing up on Nintendo’s console in the near future.