Sublevel Zero Redux Switch Release Coming in 2018

Coatsink and developer Sigtrap have announced that the Sublevel Zero Redux Switch port will be coming later this year. Sublevel Zero Redux is a roguelite shooter with six degrees of freedom, where you fly in a gunship through a universe where reality is falling apart. Exclusively on the Nintendo Switch, you’ll be able to make use of gyroscopic controls, with toggleable aim or aim-and-look layouts.

Sublevel Zero landed on the scene back in 2015, where it saw a mixed but generally positive reception – many applauded what was at the time a revival of the six degrees of freedom game while looking down on what some called a “hollow experience.” The Redux edition, which was a free update for owners of the original and could be purchased separately as well, brought with it a couple of improvements like official VR support – but VR support, in particular, won’t be seen in the Sublevel Zero Redux Switch edition that’ll be coming later in the year.

sublevel zero redux switch release 2018 img_001

Coatsink made the announcement today that it’s partnering with Sigtrap to bring the game to the Switch, and as well as everything you’ll get in other versions of the game, Sublevel Zero Redux Switch will make use of the hardware’s gyroscopic controls. There will be two toggleable options when motion controls are turned on – aim, where the gyroscope moves the crosshair, and aim-and-look, where your whole peripheral vision will shift as you flap your Switch around like it isn’t a $300 piece of technology.

“It’s been great to work with the team at Sigtrap Games in bringing SubLevel Zero Redux along with exclusive gyroscopic controls and portable roguelite six-degree-of-freedom action to the Nintendo Switch,” said COO of Coatsink, Eddie Beardsmore. Sigtrap co-founder Luke Thompson added, “The creation of SubLevel Zero Redux was inspired by gaming classics from my childhood such as Descent on PC and Forsaken on Nintendo N64. We’re thrilled to be bringing our homage to these games to the Nintendo Switch in collaboration with Coatsink.”

There’s no official release date for Sublevel Zero Redux Switch yet, but it’s slated for a release later this year. If you want to give yourself motion sickness by playing it in VR, you can pick it up on Steam right now.