League of Legends’ Nunu Rework Revealed

League of Legends has another champion rework on the horizon. This time it’s the erstwhile Nunu – a yeti with a heart of gold who is forever accompanied by loyal boy. The Nunu rework has a decidedly Disney movie feel to it, judging by the wholehearted animation of the trailer that Riot Games has released. It looks like the duo will now be called Nunu & Willump, and they’re clearly seeking the biggest of adventures.

While there’s no official breakdown from Riot Games about Nunu & Willump’s new abilities, the trailer shows off some pretty interesting footage. It looks like some of the duo’s original abilities are intact, and them rampaging around in the jungle proves that this isn’t a rework that changes how the champion functions in the game.

However, it’s neat to see that a sense of whimsy and wonder has been injected into the proceedings. While the Yeti and his boy have always been a package deal, we see a new side to their relationship in the trailer. Willump is less of a beast to be controlled and more of a best friend to Nunu, and their banter is enough to warm the coldest of hearts.

Another big change from the original champion is what looks to be a new ult. While snowball fights are all fun and games for most kids, Willump shows that the best defense is a huge snowball as he slings an explosive one towards a foe. Lots of Nunu & Willump’s abilities look magical in nature skill, so we can probably still expect them to scale off AP.

Riot hasn’t locked in Nunu & Willump’s new lore in the Universe yet but you can be sure that we’ll be reading up on the adorable pair as soon as we can. Now that the Akali rework is successfully under itsbelt, we can’t wait to see what else will be served up. It’s almost time for a League of Legends feature film!