Stormdivers Trailer Teaser Released Ahead of Gamescom 2018

Finnish developer Housemarque has released a Stormdivers trailer teaser ahead of the full unveiling at Gamescom 2018 next week. Stormdivers is a multiplayer game that the developer describes as “different from not only what we’ve made before, but also compared to the competition.” With the full trailer being released soon, it won’t be long before we find out what exactly that means.

Housemarque is the first and oldest commercial game development studio to come out of Finland, founded in 1995 after a merger and best known for its Super Stardust series on the Amiga. They’ve been making games ever since.  Their current project Stormdivers, which was announced in April, will be showing off footage at Gamescom 2018 next week. Until then, Housemarque has released a Stormdivers trailer teaser –  a short, 20 second cut of little bits and pieces from the full trailer.

We don’t see an awful lot, aside from a man in funky, futuristic body armour and a skull-like helmet, as well as what appears to be an unfolding shield that someone pops down to avoid the blast of an explosion – there’s also flashy lightning in the backdrop of another big explosion, complete with another character zooming away on a chunky hoverbike. Housemarque makes reference to the game being different “compared to the competition,” so it’s likely that Stormdivers will be something along the lines of a battle royale multiplayer shooter.

In the blog post on their website announcing the Stormdivers trailer teaser, Housemarque also compiled a selection of previously-released concept materials of the weapons and environments of the game. There’s an empty street with powerlines and foliage, a forest with a treehouse structure, as well as all the sniper rifles, SMGs and handguns that you’ll use to blast away your opponents with. Stay tuned for the full Stormdivers trailer at Gamescom 2018 next week, where we’ll no doubt find out more.