Total War Three Kingdoms Gamescom 2018 Playable Demo Gameplay Footage Released by Creative Assembly

Sega and Creative Assembly have released the first gameplay footage from the upcoming playable demo of Total War Three Kingdoms, which will be available to the public at Gamescom 2018 next week. It showcases a classic Total War ambush battle set 20 years of in-game time after the game’s starting date, titled “The Ambush of Sun Ren.” In the video, the player is commanding forces led by generals comprising of the children of Wu faction leader Sun Jian, who are then ambushed by forces of Wei faction leader Cao Cao.

Although the game is still being described as a “development in progress,” it looks absolutely gorgeous, with a distinctive visual style which differentiates it from previous titles in the Total War franchise. As the battle rages on, the forest surrounding the armies catch on fire, which gives the battle a certain atmospheric flair. The floating lanterns are also a nice touch, casting dynamic shadows as the armies clash.

In the Total War Three Kingdoms Gamescom 2018 playable demo, the game is set in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms Mode, or simply Romance Mode. This means that the generals will play a much more active role during battles and even survive onslaughts by entire armies, as they will have access to earth-shattering abilities which may turn the tide of battles at any moment.

Additionally, we also get to see more of Total War Three Kingdoms‘ lush and detailed campaign map. We initially received our first look at the brand new campaign map earlier this week, in a trailer showcasing in-engine footage of the game. However, it did not feature actual gameplay footage. However, both videos have interestingly focused on the Wu faction, which was the last of the Three Kingdoms to fall according to the original historical novel. Check out “The Ambush of Sun Ren” playable demo below.