Life is Strange 2 Trailer Shows New Protagonists

After a few teases and a free semi-related prequel game, developer Dontnod Entertainment has finally revealed Life is Strange 2 in a new trailer. In the video, we see the two brothers, Sean and Daniel, on their journey to Mexico from Seattle after some tragedy forces them out of their home. The first of five episodes is coming out on September 27, which Dontnod had previously announced.

The footage appeared to have some connections with the teaser trailer from earlier this month. Although we still don’t know the exact details, it showed more context from the police car’s hood camera footage. It looked as though the protagonists caused the accident conveyed in that trailer and must flee because of it. While not confirmed, the shaky footage some possible link between The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit and Life is Strange 2.

Dontnod gave more information on their Tumblr page. Sean Diaz is 16 years old and must escort his nine-year-old brother Daniel to their home town in Puerto Lobos, Mexico after an event upends their normal life in Seattle, Washington. Daniel will be influenced by your decisions, which puts more pressure on Sean as he is still trying to grow up himself. Like time travel in the first game, Life is Strange 2 will also have another power, but Dontnod only stated that we will find out “what it is and how it relates to the brothers” at some other time.

The French studio also shared that it will unveil more features and some gameplay footage this week at Germany’s annual Gamescom. Jonathan Morali, the first game’s composer, will be returning as well as a new licensed soundtrack. This is all an effort to make Life is Strange 2 the “most ambitious Life is Strange entry with the highest production values in the game series to date.” This most likely made possible by the success of the first game, as it achieved more than 3 million sales.