Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter Apologizes for Tweeting “Did You Just Assume Their Gender?”

The official Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter account has been criticized for tweeting “did you just assume their gender?” to a follower, prompting a wave of angry responses that resulted in the tweet being deleted. The tweet in question referenced a meme frequently used to mock feminists and members of the LGBTQ+ community, with the account now apologizing for the post.

Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red has been releasing more details regarding the game during Gamescom 2018, though it’s what the studio has been posting on the game’s Twitter account that has got people talking. In a response to a follower asking for “MORE GUYS,” the official Cyberpunk 2077 account tweeted: “Did you just assume their gender?!”

This line is used by those looking to mock gender fluid, non-binary, and trans people, with it undermining the pronouns that non-binary people assign themselves. As a result, many games industry figures criticized the tweet, calling it out for its “dehumanizing” language and pointing out how it wasn’t encouraging coming from a game that is set to focus on transhumanism:

After deleting the tweet, the Cyberpunk 2077 account posted that it was “sorry to all those offended” by its response to its followers.

CD Projekt Red showcased a batch of new Cyberpunk 2077 screenshots during Gamescom. They can be viewed in the gallery below: