Battletech Expansion Is Called Flashpoint and Is Due November

Paradox Interactive has announced the first proper DLC expansion for BattleTechthe turn-based Mech strategy game from Shadowrun developer Harebrained Schemes set in the BattleTech tabletop universe. The first Battletech expansion DLC will be called Flashpoint and it has a release date of November 2018. The Flashpoint BattleTech expansion will add a number of new features to the game, including new stories and new Mechs.

The most important part of the DLC is the three new Mech types joining the game from the tabletop universe (the same setting as MechWarrior). These include the popular Hatchetman with “armor-chopping power,” the nimble and versatile Crab, and the Cyclops with “multi-range firepower.” There’s a new tropical beach biome to add a bit of extra variety to locations, and a new multiplayer Encounter called “Target Acquisition,” where players have to capture and control three territories on a map to win.

The biggest part of the new BattleTech expansion, however, are the Flashpoints that give the DLC its name. These are branching short stories comprised of special procedural ground mercenary missions with special scenes set from the crew of your spaceship. These sections include choices to make, surprising events to deal with, conversations to have, and rewards to be gained. Flashpoints will also introduce what Harebrained Schemes is calling “Consecutive Deployments,” where players are forced to continue the fight and left unable to repair their Mechs between missions.

Paradox Interactive bought Harebrained Schemes back in June, shortly after shipping BattleTech with them. This not only suggests the game did well but also that the studios could have had a good working relationship. It was therefore never in doubt that BattleTech would continue, and with the release of the first Battletech expansion it’s certain there will be more. However, whether we will see more expansions or whether HBS will go straight into a sequel is another matter.