Gamescom 2018: Devil May Cry 5 Release Date Trailer Revealed

When Devil May Cry 5 was first announced at E3 this year, there was a resounding cheer from fans. It’s been a decade since Devil May Cry 4, and while there was DmC in between, the latest from Capcom is meant to be a sequel to the 2008 title. The latest Devil May Cry 5 trailer has now been revealed at Gamescom and it has some incredible highlights involving dual-wielding impossibly large weapons and looking suave while doing it.

It was also announced at Gamescom that we can expect the attention of both Nero and Dante’s silver-haired selves on March 8 2019, which is the current scheduled release date for Devil May Cry 5. Barring this turning into a Kingdom Hearts 3 situation, we’ll be able to kick demon butt and look great in leathers on the PC, the Xbox One, and PS4.

Judging from the trailer, players can expect a lot of brooding glances, impressive demon-slaying combos, and incredible guyliner. The environments look really impressive in motion, and the bosses themselves are absolute units. This is going to be one entry that we don’t want to miss, and the graphics overhaul since the last Devil May Cry title is an absolute killer.

However, the highlight isn’t quite the near-death acrobatic maneuvers being performed by Nero, or the impressive modern soundtrack. While it’s pretty cool that Nero now has the ability to use pseudo-magical skills that come from tech, including the ability to harness what looks like electricity to fry the literal Hell out of his hellish foes, that’s not the coolest thing in the trailer.

We can all agree that the person stealing the show is Dante when he rocks up on an infernal motorcycle that somehow turns into two gigantic whirring blades of absolute doom. If that’s not hench, then we don’t know what is. The demons of Hell had better watch out with those two lads on the prowl. We know we’ll be keeping a close eye on them, at least!

Watch the Devil May Cry 5 release date trailer below: