the surge 2 gameplay boss

The Surge 2 Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Its Terrifying Statue Boss

Focus Home Interactive has revealed a new trailer that shows off the first official look some The Surge 2 gameplay. The gameplay trailer is set in a creepy park in the center of the game’s crumbling New York-like city setting, and shows the player character going up against new enemies using the brutal combat of The Surge 2. There’s also a look at one of the game’s boss characters: a rather terrifying park guardian statue that comes to life.

The main enemies in The Surge 2 gameplay trailer are the Hunters, a group of clever and “devious” mercenaries who spread over the artificial, man-made forest searching for “a powerful creature.” They can use cloaking devices and vicious traps to take the player by surprise, although the video shows the player doing most of the surprising, or just cutting their heads off with giant axes using the signature limb-targeting mechanic introduced in the first game.

The highlight is the disturbing boss called “Helena Goddess,” which at first appears to be a beautiful metal statue of a woman holding a dove. It’s actually a Park Guardian, of which there are apparently a number of in this Central Park-like sector of the game. It of course comes to life and begins hunting the player, attacking with laser blasts that cut through the terrain, long knife-arms, and a big energy shield. It looks to be a particular intense battle.

The Surge got attention last year for being a distinctly Dark Souls-inspired game except in a sci-fi setting. The Surge 2 announced in February this year and features an upgraded graphics engine and more advanced combat, with better dodging, directional parrying, and improved AI. The first game had very Dark Souls-like combat except with the novel introduction of limb targeting, so hopefully the sequel will lean on that a little more. The Surge 2 will be out in 2019.

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