New Ys Game Confirmed by Nihon Falcom

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Nihon Falcom fans can rejoice! The company has officially announced that it’s working on a new Ys game by way of a translated interview. Most recently, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana found its way onto the Switch. The word on the street now is that Nihon Falcom has a new Ys confirmed, and this entry is going to be a continuation of one of the newer titles in the franchise. has Instead of working on a port of the older titles, it’s nice to see that the company is striking while the iron is still hot and acting on the positive reception to the latest in the series.

It was reported by RPGSite that this new Ys game will follow the adventures of the popular Adol. The title is meant to follow a series of events that takes place right at the end of Lacrimosa of Dana. As to whether this new game is going to stay true to the franchise hallmarks that have made the Ys series so popular, only time will tell. However, Nihon Falcom has gotten good at perfecting its own take on the JRPG formula, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t fix what wasn’t broken to begin with.

While we’re happy to be getting some new Ys-flavored goodness, the question for a lot of fans in the lead up to Lacrimosa of Dana being released on the Switch was whether or not any of the older Ys titles would be receiving some much-needed ports. Much in the vein of Dragon Quest, which took its time to truly gel with mainstream audiences in the West, it looks like this new interest in the franchise could make ports of the earlier games commercially viable. If nothing else, it’d probably also help boost the profile of Nihon Falcom’s most successful export to date, and we can’t imagine NIS America being anything other than wholeheartedly supportive.