Buy This League of Legends Thresh Skin With Blood

Skins in League of Legends are a pit of endless Riot points, tears, and suffering. Well, at least they’re that way for most of us. Legendary skins come and go, seasonal events tease us with key fragments and bundles, and each time a character gets a cosmetic overhaul it’s like another shot to the wallet. However, those struggling to keep up with their chroma habit now have a new option to pay for a mint skin. That’s right; you can pay for a skin with blood. The LoL Blood Moon donation skin is very real indeed, and not just a case of a rogue Vladimir trying to take you for a ride.

The Blood Moon set of skins have long been a fan-favorite due to the incredibly striking motifs and the overall quality of the skins designs. The Blood Moon event centers around a game mode where players become deadly assassins who gambol around Summoner’s Rift looking for fresh sacrifices, and almost no other event skin channels this macabre celebration as well as Blood Moon Thresh. For those EU players who are based in the Netherlands, donating blood to your local Sanquin will net you the use of Blood Moon Thresh for your LoL account if you sign yourself up for this noble cause.

This drive to encourage increased blood donations will last until September 8, which really isn’t that far away. If you’re looking for something to do outside of keeping up with the EU LCS and you’re wanting to go that extra mile for the community, then consider donating and letting Blood Moon Thresh into your heart. We’ll try not to think too much about the fact that you’re using your blood as currency here; that’s probably playing a little too much into the hands of the Blood Moon cult for our comfort.