Spider-Man PS4 Game Length and Minimum Game Size Revealed, Day One Patch Confirmed

We’re less than two weeks away to the highly-anticipated release of Spider-Man PS4 on September 7, 2018. As such, it’s no wonder that gamers are asking more and more questions about the upcoming game, especially regarding more essential details like game length and minimum amount of space required to download the game on their console. Thanks to Insomniac Games Community Director James Stevenson, we now know the answer to several of those questions.

Stevenson took the liberty of answering several fan questions about Spider-Man PS4 on his personal Twitter account. For starters, many gamers have been dying to know how long it would take to beat the game. He answered that the average playtester took around 20 hours on the default difficulty. He added that some of those playtesters spent longer than that to finish the game when they took the time to complete the game’s side quests and other in-game activities. That would probably alleviate any concerns of the game being too short or lacking in content.

Additionally, Stevenson revealed the game’s estimated size, requiring a minimum space of 45 GB. In another tweet, he confirmed that the game will receive a Day One patch, which will add more accessibility options. However, he also clarified that it the minimum 45 GB does not include the Day One patch and other content, so gamers should be prepared for a pretty massive download when Spider-Man PS4 releases.

Earlier in July 2018, Spider-Man PS4 Creative Director Bryan Intihar managed to reveal certain details about the game. He confirmed it will not allow players to freely roam as Peter Parker, as well as debunking the possibility of a Peter Parker skin. According to Intihar, there won’t be any Spider-Man clones, and that includes characters like the Scarlet Spider and Kaine. Last but not least, bosses in the game will not have health bars of any kind.