Streets of Rage 4 Announced in New Teaser Trailer

Streets of Rage 4 has been announced, with publisher DotEmu teaming up with developers Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games to breathe new life into the series. With the last entry in the series having been released way back in 1994, beat ’em up fans have been wondering if they’d ever see the return of Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding. It turns out that August 27th was their lucky day, with a brand new teaser trailer dropping for the upcoming game. So, when will we get to play it, and what platforms will it release on?

Streets of Rage 4 Release Date

The Streets of Rage 4 release date has yet to be revealed, with its reveal trailer only showing off brief gameplay footage along with reintroducing us to Axel and Blaze. Axel’s a grizzled veteran these days, replacing his fresh-faced look for a sharp beard and shaggy blonde hair. Meanwhile, Blaze doesn’t appear to have aged whatsoever, while the series’ other fighters are nowhere to be seen.

The trailer’s description also doesn’t offer any clues as to when we’ll get to play the game, noting that the sequel will feature “a fresh story and a gauntlet of dangerous stages with a serious crime problem.”

Watch the trailer below:

Streets of Rage 4 PS4, Xbox One, PC, or Switch Releases

The reveal trailer also doesn’t note whether we’ll see a Streets of Rage 4 PS4, Xbox One, PC, or Nintendo Switch release. Those who have been waiting for a new entry in the series will be hoping for a multi-platform release, and DotEmu has worked on recent games for a variety of consoles and PC. Its recent release Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap made its way to all platforms, while Ys Origin was also adapted for the Xbox One in 2018, and the PS4 in 2017.

DotEmu is most notable for its adaptations of older games, with LizardCube previously having worked with the publisher on Wonder Boy. Guard Crush Games is responsible for the PC beat ’em up Streets of Fury.