Destiny 2 The Darkness’ Identity May Have Been Figured Out

The Darkness is the true big bad of Destiny 2. It is the opposite of the Light that gives the player their powers, and it has been shrouded (pun intended) in mystery since being introduced in the first Destiny in 2014.  Now in Destiny 2 The Darkness identity may have been solved by determined fans, thanks to datamining. The rest of this post will contain big Destiny 2 spoilers from here on out.

At the end of Destiny 2, mysterious pyramid ships that may be connected with the Darkness are seen on their way. Thanks to Reddit and user dobby_rams (via Eurogamer), we may know what they are, in particular because of a new character called The Drifter coming in the new Forsaken DLC next week. His lore tab has been datamined, and a large part of The Darkness puzzle may have been uncovered.

The Drifter and his crew found themselves stranded on what he calls a “cold hunk of ice.” He describes creatures similar to the Hive trapped in monoliths with “a gooey, vacuous form with no head” and they produce “a Darkness Zone” that represses Light. According to the Drifter, there are “thousands of them” on this planet, and when a character with the Light died near one, its Ghost couldn’t resurrect them. These strange creatures may therefore be connected to The Darkness, or are them.

The Drifter believes these creatures may be a possible weapon they could use. Bungie recently showed in a Destiny ViDoc that the Drifter’s ship is towing a large piece of rock with it. Fans are therefore speculating that this could be a part of the planet he encountered, and so when the Destiny 2 Forsaken DLC arrives next week, it may bring with it a lot more than the death of Cayde. It may actually introduce The Darkness itself into the Destiny universe for the first time since they were mentioned in 2014.