Nintendo Mobile RPG Dragalia Lost Detailed

Dragalia Lost was recently detailed in a Mobile Direct by Nintendo. The stream covered the basics of gameplay, combat, player progression, monetization among other features. The mobile game produced in collaboration with Cygames will be available in Japan, USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau on September 27. There is no news on whether other territories will get the game at the moment of writing.

Draglia Lost follows the story of an unnamed prince, who is seventh in line to the kingdom of Alberia. The kingdom has been protected by monsters by the “Sacred Shard”, however, its power is waning and you as the prince have been tasked to find a way to prevent the kingdom from falling into chaos. This run-of-the-mill RPG plot is however elevated by the fact that you can be “Pactbound” to a Dragon, meaning you can use its power.

The basic gameplay of the mobile title tasks you with going to various levels/dungeons and completing quests. You do this on the touchscreen of your smartphone by sliding to move, swiping quickly to dodge and tapping near enemies to attack them. You can also take control of one of the 3 other members of your party by tapping an icon with their portrait on it and unleash skills once you have filled a bar from attacking. As for being “Pactbound” to a dragon, this translates into the gameplay by allowing you to temporarily transform into it once you have filled another bar. Dragons can be bound to all party members, but only once permanently. So this means each character you unlock can have a Dragon attached to it, but only that dragon.

These characters all will belong to either the Attack Unit class, Defence Unit class, Support Unit class or the Healing Unit class. They will also belong to a certain elemental alignment which means they will have weaknesses and strengths against enemies of certain elements. Progression will involve either leveling up, equipping and leveling up better weapons, working your way through a skill tree called the “Mana Circle” and through a base building mini-game. At launch, there will be 60 plus characters available to unlock.

As suspected, the game will feature a gacha system for monetization. This means that to unlock more of the characters, dragons, weapons, and equipable pieces of artwork called “Wrymprints” (that act like accessories for the characters), you will need to spend a secondary currency to draw a randomized selection of these unlockables. The two currencies used to do this loot box-esque system are “Wyrmite” which will be obtained in-game, and “Dimantium” which can be purchased for real-life currency. Finally, the game will offer multiplayer where players can complete any quest together.

Again, Dragalia Lost will be released September 27 on iOS and Android in USA, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. The full presentation of the game is below.