Redout Switch Has Been Rated by ESRB

It has been something of a rough ride for 34BigThings’ Redout. The Nicalis produced futuristic hover racing game originally released on the Xbox One, PC and PS4 back in 2017. A Redout Switch port was announced, but a release date for the title has been elusive. Now, however, things are looking up for Redout on Switch. Indeed, ESRB (the Entertainment Software Rating Board) has given the Switch port a rating. Could Redout finally be coming to the Switch?

For the unaware, Redout is an ultra-fast futuristic racing game. Its gameplay should be familiar to fans of WipEout and F-Zero. It was originally released on the PS4, PC and Xbox One in August 2017. A Switch port of the game was announced early on into the hybrid console’s life. Since then, however, a release date hasn’t materialized and fans looking forward to the game have even had pre-orders cancelled. Rumors that the port was cancelled circulated, eventually leading developer 34BigThings to take to Twitter to dispel any such rumors.

Now, however, there appears to be light at the end of the Redout Switch tunnel. The ESRB has awarded the game with an age rating certificate. Quite. Redout for Nintendo Switch has been awarded an age rating of E (for everyone). The rating summary explains further. “This is a racing game in which players drive futuristic vehicles through magnetic levitation tracks. Players can choose from several vehicle models and tracks to compete in contests of speed.” There is nothing in the game to award it with a higher age rating.

Unfortunately, a Redout Switch release date was not given alongside its ESRB rating. We’re still waiting to hear more on that front. Thankfully, however, an ESRB rating is typically given to a game that’s not too far away from release. Hopefully, we’ll be zooming around Redout’s tracks on our Switch in the not too distant future.