Spider-Man PS4 DLC 1 Teased, Features Black Cat

Spider-Man doesn’t release on PlayStation 4 until September 7, but developer Insomniac Games has already spoken about Spider-Man DLC 1, ahead of its release. Now we’ve got our initial glimpse at the first of those three DLC packs from the developer and Sony, with a video dropping on the latter’s Youtube channel on Monday. It gives fans their first look at Black Cat, the on-off love interest and sometimes villain of Spider-Man from the comics, and teases what we can expect from this Spider-Man DLC 1 offering.

Titled “The Heist,” the first DLC drop sees Spider-Man’s old flame return to New York City to play, well, a game of cat and mouse with the titular hero. Black Cat, whose real name is Felicia Hardy, opens up the teaser trailer by asking Spider-Man if he’s missed her, before she acrobatically makes her entrance. A chase sequence involving subway trains and rooftops follows, as Spider-Man attempts to catch up with Black Cat as she darts off into the night.

No gameplay footage is shown off, which is to be expected when the main game hasn’t launched yet. It does provide us with our first official look at Black Cat’s design, which is something of a departure from her comic book costume. Black Cat’s presence in Spider-Man is teased throughout the main campaign, with Hardy leaving Easter eggs and clues around Manhattan about her possible return.

The Heist is the first of three Spider-Man DLC drops in the coming months. The second chapter, known as “Turf Wars,” will land in November, before the final piece of the jigsaw, “Silver Lining,” will be available to download in December. Players can buy all three DLC packs in “The City That Never Sleeps” bundle for $25, or separately for $10 each when they are released. Alternatively, gamers can pre-purchase the bundle as part of the Spider-Man Digital Deluxe Edition, which will set you back $80. Spider-Man launches on PlayStation 4 on Friday, September 7.