Fortnite Monopoly Release Date Announced and it Has a Battle Royale Twist

The Fortnite Monopoly release date has been revealed, with Epic Games’ blockbuster hit receiving its very own board game adaptation for players to buy. Fortnite Monopoly will see the classic tabletop game receive its very own battle royale twist, in which players can shoot one another or craft walls in order to protect themselves.

Fortnite Monopoly will be released on October 1st, with Epic Games’ Worldwide Creative Director Donald Mustard officially announcing the board game on Twitter. However, the game had previously been revealed on Zavvi, where it briefly appeared as a pre-order before the listing was pulled from the site.

Fortnite Monopoly Release Date: Rules and How to Play

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This listing featured a brief overview of the game, including details on how it differentiates itself from the classic Monopoly format. Players will be able to shoot rivals occupying spaces on the same side of the board as them, while walls can be built on spaces by players trying to protect themselves from enemy gunfire. Additionally, Boogie Bombs can be dropped in order to cause each player to lose health, while bandages can be applied to regain health.

Interestingly, Fortnite Monopoly’s win condition seems to revolve around eliminating opponents rather than acquiring properties. The listing stated that when a player loses all of their health points they also lose the game, and the winner is the last player left standing.

Here’s the full rundown of the rules, as featured in the listing:

  • Objective of the game: Be the last player standing.
  • Properties are locations on the Fortnite Island. First come, First served! Take the property card for yourself.
  • Money is Health Points. If you run out of life points at any time you lose the game
  • Dice: On your turn roll both dice (movement and action) then decide which to resolve first. Action die will give you:
    • Bandages (health points)
    • Cross Hairs (shoot a player that is in line of sight and deal 1 damage. Line of sight is anybody on the same side of the board as you)
    • Wall (Place a wall on your space. Wall’s protect you from shots)
    • Boogie Bomb (all players lose a life)
  • The Storm: Spaces taken by the storm can still be landed on but they come at a terrible price. When you land on a property that has been taken by the storm you lose 2 life. The previous effects of that space are also ignored.

This suggests that rather than accumulating mass amounts of wealth and forcing other players into bankruptcy, Fortnite Monopoly will instead see players acquiring property spaces (with Tilted Towers being the most expensive) in order to provide themselves with shelter from enemy gunfire. It’s certainly a unique twist on the Monopoly formula, and may see veteran Fortnite players tearing themselves away from the game in order to experience the shooter in tabletop format.

Though the Fortnite Monopoly release date has been revealed, there’s no word yet on when pre-orders will go live. With this official announcement, the answer is likely sooner rather than later.