Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition Confirmed For Consoles

Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition has been confirmed to be coming to consoles. Square Enix has announced that the downsized version of the latest entry to the Final Fantasy franchise will be coming to Xbox One, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch. The original mobile version of the game came out earlier this year.

The previously rumored HD console version of Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition has been confirmed by Square Enix to be arriving on the three main home consoles, though release dates are staggered. The miniaturized version of the JRPG is available right now on Xbox One and PS4, with the Switch version “Scheduled for release soon,” according to the Japanese company.

Currently, it is at a discounted price of $17.99 on the Xbox Marketplace and PlayStation Network. However, in a week’s time on September 14, it will revert to its full price of $24.99. This also means that this port of the game will not follow the mobile version’s free-to-start model. As for the Switch version, one can assume that the game was meant to be announced at the delayed Nintendo Direct. Therefore, the full reveal for the Nintendo hybrid console version of the game will be shown when the next presentation from the Kyoto-based company occurs.

This announcement/release of Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition also came with a trailer for the game, which you can see below. The video depicts the updated HD graphics for the smaller edition of the Final Fantasy game with what looks like an updated battle system that reflects the move to a controller. Additionally, for those wishing to get spoiled, the trailer does also depict key moments in Final Fantasy 15 in this chibi format.

Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition originally released on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms earlier this year. It took the story of Final Fantasy 15 and shrunk it down for mobile platforms. This, in turn, made Square Enix change the rest of the game to help it fit into a more restrictive format.