New Strange Brigade Content Released by Rebellion, DLC Roadmap Outlined

Rebellion has been adding free content to Strange Brigade since its launch in August. The developer has just announced its plans to support the game further through paid and free DLC coming throughout the year. These plans include a few new characters, three Score Attack maps, one more Horde Mode arena, campaign missions, and more.

According to a press release on Rebellion’s official website, Season Pass holders will have a new character to play as. Ex-rodeo rider Patrick “Bash” Conaghan joining the fray later this year. Conaghan will come equipped with his “shocking” Wrath of Quetzalcoatl amulet, which is a new power that players can use to destroy their enemies. Those who don’t own the Strange Brigade season pass can buy the gunslinger as part of the Texas Cowboy Character Pack for $6.99.

Rebellion also revealed their DLC plans for Strange Brigade heading into the fall. A new three-part mission campaign, named The Thrice Damned, will have its first episode dropped in-game in early October. The second installment will come out later that month, before the final chapter will be released sometime in November.

Rebellion’s DLC roadmap is also paved with plenty of other content for players to immerse themselves in. The Strange Brigade American Aviatrix Character Expansion Pack will be released at the same time as The Thrice Damned’s first installment. It comes complete with another character Tessie Caldwell, three weapons, two more score attack levels, and the Tunnels Horde Mode map.

The Japanese Naval Officer and Maharani Huntress Character Expansion packs will drop in late October and November, respectively. Players will be given new characters Hachiro Simuzu and Anjali Khan with these seasonal updates, as well as plenty of other weapons and amulet powers, Score Attack levels, and Horde Mode maps.

Three Score Attack maps and one more Horde Mode map are also now available for free for all players. The content came in the game’s latest update.