Halo 5 PC Rumors Denied by Microsoft

As eagle-eyed denizens of the internet recently noted, the Amazon listing for Halo 5: Guardians recently updated. “Xbox One Console Exclusive” had overwritten the previous title: “Xbox One exclusive.” A subtle difference, but one that sparked rumors that there would be a Halo 5 PC version after all. Microsoft has since issued a statement saying that won’t be happening. Microsoft has long used the “Xbox One Console Exclusive” phrase to indicate a title also available on Windows 10.

In a statement to CNET, a Microsoft spokesperson said that as they’d previously stated, they “do not have plans to launch Halo 5: Guardians on Windows 10 PC.” The 2015 first-person shooter was the first game in the series built for the Xbox One and the second developed by 343 Industries. Microsoft announced Halo: Infinite at E3 2018 with a trailer hearkening back to the landscapes and style of Halo: Combat Evolved. The console maker also confirmed it would be bringing Infinite to PC when the game releases.

Halo 5’s Forge mode made it’s way to the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 back in 2016. That PC release allowed PC players to create custom maps, share content between Forge on PC and Guardians on Xbox One, and play custom online matches with up to 16 players. The release was optimized for PC with complete keyboard and mouse support, and support for resolutions up to 4K. Before the release of Halo 5: Forge on PC, a port of Halo 2 was the last mainline Halo title on the platform.

Microsoft’s decision to bring all first party titles to Xbox One and Windows 10 has been ongoing since early 2016 with the release of RTS title Halo Wars 2. The Xbox Play Anywhere service includes games like Gears of War 4, the Forza franchise, Killer Instinct, Sea of Thieves, and third-party titles purchased in the Microsoft store. Microsoft’s unwillingness to bring the full Halo 5 experience to PC is at odds with decisions like Xbox Play Anywhere—especially because a version of Halo 5 is playable on PC.