LIve Action PUBG Mobile Trailer

Live Action PUBG Mobile Trailer Showcases Sanhok Map

Tencent is sparing no expense hyping up the fact that PUBG Mobile has recently added the Sanhok map. To celebrate the arrival of the new area, the developer has released a live action PUBG Mobile trailer showcasing all the crazy jungle action that players should expect. This momentous occasion also marks the very first time that PUBG has ever received the live action trailer treatment.

The official PUBG Mobile Twitter account posted the live action PUBG Mobile trailer earlier today. It features a bunch of people running around shooting and getting shot at, describing the setting as being filled with “bushes, rainforest, temples, and mist.” The Sanhok map is based on Southeast Asian geography, so that explains the lush tropical jungle setting.

We have combatants shooting from inside vehicles and even one on a jet ski. Next, a sniper can be seen hiding amidst the foliage, lining up his shot before firing it at an unsuspecting combatant. The video gets hilarious later on as we witness two combatants fighting each other over a literal real-life crate drop. Unfortunately, both of them gets blown to smithereens by a grenade thrown by another combatant hiding in the tree line.

It’s all terribly exciting and funny at the same time. Perhaps we will be seeing more live action trailers for PUBG content in the future, including the upcoming new PUBG snow map. In the meantime, check out the live action PUBG Mobile trailer below, courtesy of the PUBG Mobile official Twitter account.

The PUBG Mobile Sanhok map was added into the game in the recent PUBG Mobile 0.8.0 update. Alongside the new map, players also received the Flare Gun, a new automatic rifle weapon, a new shotgun weapon attachment, and two new vehicles. It also contained multiple new features and improvements. For more information and details, head on over to our PUBG Mobile 0.8.0 update patch notes guide here.

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