Free Slime Rancher VR Update to Hit Steam in Q3 2018

Slime Rancher is an indie darling that has captivated audiences with its adorable, slippery animals and the simple pleasures of being a rancher on a faraway planet. The game’s been accessible for quite some time now, and Monomi Park has always done well in the developer’s hot seat by giving players a variety of quality-of-life updates since the title’s infancy. Now, it’s going one step further with the free Slime Rancher VR update that will be coming soon to Steam.

It goes without saying that those who have been sucking up slimes happily on a variety of gaming platforms will have to own the title on Steam to really get the most out of this update. The page on the Steam store for this update lists it as DLC currently, and it looks like we’ll be getting closer to the slimy inhabitants of the main game than ever. VR opens up a lot of possibilities in the ranching sphere and affords current players the opportunity to really immerse themselves in the Far, Far Range.

The Steam store page also lists 3lb Games as one of the developers, who is perhaps better known for producing Space Dragon which, as the name suggests, was a visual romp about dragons in the galaxy. While ranching may seem like more dialed down fare, it’s good to see that Monomi Park has teamed up with an already-experienced VR dev to take this DLC to the next level.

It looks like the DLC will be dropping later on this year in Q3 2018, so we have some time left to get acquainted with the various climes of the Far, Far Range before putting our VR goggles on. The fact that it’s a free update may sweeten the deal on players who aren’t already sitting in the “VR is the future” camp, and it’s hard to think of a game that would be better suited to make the transition as easy (and as adorable) as Slime Rancher.