Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Gets a Multiplayer Campaign in New Update

Tripwire Interactive just released a huge update to Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. The 1.1 update adds a brand new multiplayer campaign that spans the length of the Vietnam War to the game.

The new multiplayer campaign is being billed by the developers as “a deep, tactical mode which takes place over several battles.” Players choose a side at the beginning of a campaign, and vote with their team for certain tactical decisions. These decisions can include where to attack, and what armies they should send into battle. As time flows in the 11-year campaign, tactics and technology evolve similar to real life. The developers highlighted the withdrawal of US and ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.) in 1973 due to the Paris Peace Accords.

Players earn victory points and territory is gained and lost during the campaign. The team with more victory points at the end of the war wins that game’s campaign. Each faction involved in the war has special abilities that lead to asymmetric gameplay.

The 1.1 update also brings a wide variety of changes, bug fixes, art and animations, audio and visual alterations, and more. The update also adds a new map. Highway 14 was originally created by Rising Storm 2‘s modding community and is seeing an official release in the game.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam released in May 2017 for Windows. We thought the game was fun, and well-crafted in our review with a few weak points being some roughness throughout and a sub-par user interface. Developers Tripwire Interactive and Antimatter Games began the Rising Storm series as a spin-off of Tripwire’s Red Orchestra 2 in 2013. The first Rising Storm game was set in the Pacific during World War II.

Tripwire Interactive was founded in 2005 and have developed the Red Orchestra, Killing Floor, and Rising Storm first-person shooters ever since. Antimatter Games formed in 2013 by core members of the Rising Storm team.