New ’83 game trailer released by Killing Floor and Rising Storm devs

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A new ’83 game trailer has dropped, revealing a brand-new title from the developers of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam and Killing Floor. This upcoming first-person shooter is set in a nightmare world where the Cold War gets hot and the world’s largest superpowers face off against one another in intense tactical battles. (And yes, the game is really just called ’83, making it an absolute nightmare for Google searches.)

So what is ’83? Well, the political situation in 1983 was pretty intense. You had the NATO forces on one side (The United States, United Kingdom, Europe, and her allies) facing off against the Warsaw Pact countries (mainly led by the Soviet Union). ’83 takes place in an alternate universe where we actually went to war with one another rather than the much more boring (and safer) reality of communism collapsing and the West emerging victorious.

Two platoons representing NATO and Warsaw Pact forces, respectively, will head off in large-scale battles featuring around 80 players. Weapons from the era (including vehicles!) will be available for players to use in their battles, and their efforts will have meaning: the game will keep track of wins and losses for both sides. This data will be used to shape the future of the fictional war depicted in the ’83 game trailer.

As for the trailer itself, it opens up with a newsreel showing clips from American, European, and Russian television talking about the unprecedented level of armament that’s been built up by both sides. We then transition to a scene where a Soviet sentry gets shot by what appears to be Western black ops troops. The scene shifts to a much larger firefight where we see both sides duking it out. Finally, the trailer closes with a logo for the game.

You can check out the ’83 game trailer for yourself below. You can find out more about ’83 by heading on over to the game’s official website. No price or release date has been announced