Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Christmas Event Brings Green Army Men

Tripwire Interactive and Antimatter Games unveiled the Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Christmas event today. The Christmas event brings classic green army men to the first-person shooter’s battlefield. The event transports the game to a new toy-sized map, and puts players in the plastic boots of green army men.

The Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Christmas event is a free update for the game, and will run through the first week of January 2019. The Christmas-themed map sees toy soldiers vying for control across a decorated home. Building blocks, toy car tracks, and toy helicopters round out the Christmas Special. The update injects a healthy dose of lighthearted content into the tactical first-person shooter.

Along with the new Christmas Special map, players can get a new “Seasonal M1 Helmet” for free. New seasonal themed achievements have also come down the pipeline with this latest update. The Christmas event can be found in game from it’s own menu button, leaving the gritty jungle of Vietnam untouched.

A few small fixes came with the patch as well. The update brings improved character and vehicle lighting transitions, and corrected PBR material rendering.

It’s not the only game to begin celebrating the holidays as Overwatch also got its annual Winter Wonderland update earlier today.

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam released in 2017 through Steam on the PC. The game is a sequel to the Rising Storm expansion of Red Orchestra 2, which originally released in 2013. A major update to Rising Storm 2 Vietnam brought a new multiplayer campaign in September 2018. The campaign moves through a number of eras corresponding to the real Vietnam War and introduces new technology.

We enjoyed Rising Storm 2 Vietnam when it released, although had user interface issues. Tripwire Interactive was founded back in 2005 and has developed a number of first-person shooters since then. Antimatter Games, the main developer of Vietnam, spun off from Tripwire in 2013 to focus on Rising Storm.