Dragon Quest 11 Mod Replaces Music with Orchestral Tracks

If you’ve been playing Dragon Quest 11 on the PC recently and you’ve been wondering why the soundtrack might seem a little lackluster, then you’re in luck. An enterprising group of modders has gone above and beyond in creating a mod which replaces the existing soundtrack in the game with variants that are orchestrally arranged and performed.

The Dragon Quest series is well known for having a spectacular soundtrack, and previous games in the series have benefited from the work of the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra. For the latest installment in the franchise to contain music recorded and performed via synthesized instruments instead of the real deal was a bit of a letdown for some fans, but this Dragon Quest 11 mod aims to fix that.

The mod is available through Steam for those who are playing Dragon Quest 11 on that platform. The franchise has seen the release of many Symphonic Suites over the years recorded by a variety of orchestras, and it’s from this library of music that the modders drew the material that was necessary to essentially do a soft rewrite of the entire soundtrack of the latest Dragon Quest game. Each track within the title is replaced by its Symphonic Suite equivalent when you use this mod, right down to how each track might loop in a specific area.

Needless to say, this is a comprehensive mod that affects a large part of the game. There has been a handy guide put together on the relevant Steam community page which shows those who are interested in changing how their game sounds exactly what to do. While the team behind Dragon Quest 11 appears to have gone back to the old games’ midi roots for nostalgia, those who want a lusher auditory experience will be able to use this mod to make the most of what Koichi Sugiyama has had to offer the series over the years.